TU100C Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger
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The pool heat exchanger efficiency is a very essential key-point while selecting a right pool heat exchanger for your job. Since pool heating consumes mass energy in running, selecting an efficient pool heat exchanger at beginning becomes very decisive for your energy bill outlook later. A pool heat exchanger with higher efficiency may cost you more money at purchasing, but will definitely save money in running and payback in not long run; an inefficient pool heat exchanger might be cheaper at purchasing, but will consume much more energy in running and cost you double or three times more money in energy consumption in running, which must be much more than you saved at heat exchanger purchasing. It will cost much more time and electricity to get job done as well. So the pool heat exchanger efficiency means saving big money!

the most efficient pool heat exchanger from hcrheatexchanger

  1. Made of full stainless steel SS316L tubing and shell
  2. Compact and the most efficient thermal design with built-in baffles
  3. Easy vertical or horizontal installation directly into the pool piping
  4. Tube side cleanable
  5. Hot towel available
  6. Design pressure:150 psi, testing pressure:400 psi
  7. Models:
    TU100C pool heat exchanger
    TU190C pool heat exchanger
    TU260C pool heat exchanger
    TU380C pool heat exchanger
    for 100KBTU; 190KBTU; 260KBTU and 380KBTU regular pools
  8. Applications: swimming pool; oil cooler; air cooler and machine process cooling
  9. Customers are welcome to send us your job case for sizing estimation and data sheet.

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