HTL Water to Air Heating Coil
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HTL Water to Air heating and cooling coils heat exchangers are commonly used in the HVAC industry. HTL heat exchanger coils have gained a strong reputation in the market for their excellent quality,thermal efficiency and prompt delivery. When you need plate fin coils for your applications, select our HTL heat exchanger coils -among the best in the world.
HTL water to air heat exchanger from hcrheatexchanger

Coil options: Pure Copper or Aluminum
Custom size water to air heating coil heat exchanger available upon request
Available copper tube diameter: 7mm, 7.94mm, 9.52mm, 12.7mm, 15.88mm and 16mm
Available coil tube pattern: 21×12.7mm, 21×18.19mm, 25.4×15.88mm, 25.4x22mm, 25x19mm, 25×21.65mm, 25x25mm, 31.75×27.5mm and 38×32.9mm
Customers are welcome to send us your job case for sizing estimation and data sheet.
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HTL brochure

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