Geothermal Heat Exchanger
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Waste Water Heat Recovery Heat Exchanger

The WHR system is designed to recover heat from waste water such as tap or shower runoff and conveyor dishwasher machines. There are several regular sizes like WHR-20,-30,-40,-50. The WHR system reclaims heat from waste water and redirects it back into preheating make-up water. This greatly reduces the amount of heat you need to warm subsequently used water, thereby conserving energy and reducing your heating bill. With the WHR you will get your money back through energy savings within approximately 2 years and at the same time help preserve the environment.

Heat exchanger for waste water heat recovery

Made entirely of stainless steel

Compact design

Maintenance free or

Easy access to mechanical cleaning by yourself

High heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency

Energy saving and conservation

Cutting CO2 emission

Applications: Waste water heat recovery; using Low grade heating source heating; Machine & Parts processing cooling

These heat exchangers can also serve heating pools with geothermal water boilers, which normally only provide 120F output temperature, where traditional or other pool heaters do not work.

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