FES-115 Sidearm Heat Exchanger
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FES sidearm heat exchanger is designed based on the natural thermo-siphon concept on domestic hot water side.
Traditional sidearms are made of two bare copper tubes. Thus the heat capacity is decided by the length of sidearm-tubes and the heat transfer efficiency is very low. Our fin-enhanced sidearms heat exchanger are made of stainless steel, and use finned tube internally. This increases the heat transfer surface area five to eight times compared to a bare tube at same length, and generates great turbulence on the system side. These together drastically increase heat transfer efficiency. And heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency means saving big money on energy consumption in running. A heat exchanger with higher efficiency is greener and cutting CO2.
stainless steel fin enhanced sidearm heat exchanger from hcrheatexchanger

We first invented FES sidearm heat exchanger and have then successfully introduced them into HVAC industries. So it is also one of our contributions to this industries.
There are two models: FES-95 and FES-115 with high quality to meet your use.

FES sidearm brochure

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